Aditi Shah
5 min readJul 29, 2020


Credits: India.com

Can you believe it’s almost August already? While corona has consumed most of 2020, we have found solace in our family, friends, favourite TV shows and food of course. We humans indeed have a unique ability of finding happiness in the little things in life. And this is exactly what has helped us stay strong amidst the current crisis. Now with less than 5 days to go for Raksha Bandhan, I’m sure all of us have been on the lookout for the best gift for our sibling. Some of us are fortunate to have them at home, while some of us are bridging our distance with our daily dose of video calls. So if you haven’t found the perfect present for your sibling yet, here’s a list that’ll help you make this year’s Raksha Bandhan memorable for them. Be it for your brother who’s always got your back or for your sister who is the superstar in your life, we’ve got it all covered for you.

  1. OnePlus Nord

There’s nothing more you can ask for. The present pandemic has tightened all of our budgets, yet left us in the dire need of a promising phone. This mid-range smartphone favourably fulfils the need of the hour and is also the only 5G ready smartphone priced below Rs 30,000. Now even though it releases on the 4th of August which falls after Raksha Bandhan, there’s no better way to surprise your sibling right?

Credits: OnePlus

2. Suraksha Pack

Credits: PEESAFE

Can you find a better occasion to celebrate the significance of your sibling, who has not only protected you from all the scoldings, but has also selflessly kept you safe and sane during these tough times? In the current crisis, to protect is to progress.This Suraksha Pack is specifically curated to keep your sibling safe and help them fight against all the infections and insecurities coming their way.

3. Kai

Sometimes all it takes is an unexpected gesture of gratitude to bring a smile on your siblings face. Kai, a wearable gesture controller, literally makes this come true.This futuristic device, offers a variety of applications such as computer control, gaming, 3-D designing, presentation control, AR-VR control with the mere movements of your hands. So get your sibling this band, to not only strengthen your bond but to also render the future at their fingertips. Did I mention that it’s completely contactless, convenient and customisable?

Credits: Vicara

4. Work from Home Combo

Irrespective of whether your sibling is studying or working — recreating the same office/school/college environment is important to retain their productivity. To overcome the daily hassle and difficulties, Furniture Magik’s office table & chair combo is truly a suitable solution. It will definitely add comfort and convenience to their life.

Credits: Furniture Magik

5. Kindle

With almost 6 months into the pandemic, we’ve got a lot of free time on our hands. Some of us have resorted to our childhood hobbies, to cooking, to our creative side and of course reading. Books effortlessly weave a world of wonders, which helps us distance the distress in our lives. If your sibling is an avid reader, look no further and kindle imagination and inspiration into their lives right away.

Credits: cnet

6. Udemy

We’ve all been trying to develop our interests or pick a new skill that has always been our underlying passion during the lockdown. Head on to Udemy and get your sibling a course which they’ve always wanted to do or a course which helps them enhance their existing skill set. Go ahead and grab it soon before the sale ends.

7. Gift Hamper

Is any occasion ever complete without cards and chocolates? Archies offers you personalized combinations of hampers catering to the preferences of your sibling. You can avoid the struggle of ordering multiple things from dozed different places and get all that your sibling desires at one stop.

8. Apple Watch

This is certainly on the exorbitant end of the spectrum, but it’s the gold standard when it comes to smartwatches. We believe there’s no better way of harnessing happiness for your sibling, on this special occasion. There’s also no better time to cue its lifesaving features such as a built-in EKG, fall detection, fitness tracking and its constant health monitoring services. After all an Apple a day, keeps the doctor away.

Credits: Apple

9. Redmi Earbuds

Aren’t we all tired of our siblings borrowing our earphones and misplacing them? It’s equally excruciating to detanlge them after every use. Don’t worry we’ve a convenient cure for this persistent problem. The Redmi Earbuds S, are the most affordable wireless headsets in the market and offer comfort, ease of use and a soulful sound of music at an affordable price.

Credits: Redmi

10. Fitness Subscription

Laziness and lethargy have been our best buddies in the past few months. If you really want to exercise control over your siblings life and have failed miserably at it till date, get them a cure fit subscription. The best part being its diverse offerings which can be completely customised based on their choices and render fun and fitness at the same front.

Credits: cure.fit

We hope this list has distanced your dilemma of choosing the perfect gift for your sibling and helps you deliver a bundle of joy on this Raksha Bandhan. Hope you’ve a safe, sound and special Rakhi this year!